Welcome to the Garden of Gaultier, where all sins are allowed. It’s so hot here! Beneath a golden sun, seduction intensifies…

Call in at the Port of Gaultier! A port edged by a marvellous garden, where sailors go looking for their next adventure. Who knows what encounter awaits them there…

But, what is this divine apparition? In the dense vegetation, intense red curves are about to enchant the most powerful of captains…

Hips swaying, a mysterious creature appears. Her bright pink silhouette would make the most beautiful of flowers pale beside her! But who is she?

Here is a Male in an officer’s jacket who makes his entrance! Intoxicated by an addictive fragrance of vanilla, he is ready to bite into the forbidden fruit…

Drawn by a fragrance of vanilla and green pear, a Male with a striped torso has just moored. Without hesitation, he strides towards the gates of the garden…

La belle Le Parfum

Eau de parfum intense

It is her, the new, original woman of Jean Paul Gaultier: La Belle Le Parfum. One thing is certain, she is delectable! With her notes of pear alongside sensual jasmine, tonka bean and addictive vanilla, she seduces everything on her path. Why try to resist her intensity? You don’t have a chance.


La belle

Eau de parfum

This charming apparition is indeed La Belle! Femininity personified. Her fragrance is born of the union of delicious vanilla, fresh notes of bergamot, and a hint of pear. No sailor can resist… Le Male will say it better than us!


Succumb to the temptation, dear captain! After all, in the garden of Gaultier, indulgence is not a sin…

His hands on her corset, all our sailor’s senses go wild. With this unpredictable couple, a storm of sensuality has just hit the port!

Le Male Le Parfum

Eau de parfum intense

Direction Le Male Le Parfum, the new masculine scent by Jean Paul Gaultier! Powerful and mysterious, he is ready to succumb to all temptations without the slightest hesitation. Nothing can force a captain to retreat! In his heady scent floats a woody fragrance of lavender and cardamom, which makes us want to relieve him of his officer’s jacket.


Le Male

Eau de toilette

Do we still need to introduce him? Virile and sexy, Le Male is back in port for new adventures, determined to wield his charms. With his legendary stripes and modern scent with fresh notes of mint and lavender, La Belle can but fall into his net.

Give in

Can you resist the temptation?

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Can you resist the siren song?

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